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This article is a detailed guide about how to buy and sell locally using the Facebook marketplace. If you want to learn how to make the most of the Facebook marketplace feature by buying or selling with it, then I strongly recommend reading this article.

Facebook is arguably the most popular and widely used social media platforms around the globe. The reason for this popularity is not far from the amazing features that Facebook regularly comes up with.

One of such features on Facebook is the marketplace feature which allows Facebook users in the supported countries to buy and sell divers kinds of products and services to the people in their local communities.

Why Is Facebook Marketplace Better Than Other Online Marketplaces?

The ability to ask some critical questions on the why and the why-not is the major mark of all homo sapiens. Hence, seeking to know why you should prefer the use of Facebook marketplace is never a question in futility. For the most part, there are lots of reasons why Facebook marketplace is better than its competing industries.

Principal among these reasons is your ability to take the full advantage of the billions of people properly networked within the Facebook system to advance your business interest. With such huge population, you are sure to connect with the right buyers and sellers on daily basis.

Also, with the Facebook marketplace feature, you automatically see products or services from people who are in your area. Remember, the goal of this marketplace is for people nearby to engage in business transactions easily.

Remember also that there are millions of items and services that you can always buy or sell on Facebook. The items include electronics, food stuffs, clothing, real estates among other interesting category of items you can easily buy from the persons near your local community.

How To Locate The Facebook Marketplace Icon On Your Device

A lot of Facebook users have difficulty locating the marketplace on their Facebook app. This happens mostly due to ignorance on their path. The Facebook marketplace is represented with the symbol of this store icon which is located at the left-hand side of Facebook using PCs, or at the drop down menu on Facebook mobile with the caption “Facebook marketplace”

Once you see the icon, click on it to begin assessing its features. However, if you can’t find this icon on the locations I just mentioned above, know that you are either using an outdated Facebook app or Facebook at the moment is not available in your region.

Either ways, you can uninstall your the outdated Facebook app and download a new one, or you can wait a little further until Facebook marketplace becomes available in your area. Haven learn what Facebook marketplace is and how to locate it, it’s time to get into the main discourse; how to buy and sell on this marketplace.

How To Buy On Facebook Marketplace

One important aspect of buying anything on Facebook marketplace is your ability to control a lot of things about the transaction. You want to buy from Facebook marketplace? Follow this guide carefully:

The first step is to log into your Facebook account within a supported country. In the top left corner of the page, you will see the marketplace icon there, click on it to open the marketplace.

By default, the first set of items you see on the marketplace are items that are within your local community. From here, you can select the item that you want to buy. Once you’ve seen the item, click on it to open up more options about the item, including the sellers’ contact information.

Send the seller a personal message using Facebook messenger in order to bargain price and fix the pick up location. Remember that you can not pay online on Facebook marketplace, neither does Facebook ship your item for you.

These are the things you personally decide with the seller, hence the reason why Facebook products are only visible between persons who are living within the same locality.

Safety Tips For Buying On Facebook Marketplace

Like we said earlier, Facebook could be listed as one of the best place to buy all your daily needs at an affordable price. However, there are certain safety measures to help guide you when buying from Facebook marketplace. These measures include buy not limited to the following:

  • On Facebook marketplace, the seller of a product takes the responsibility of delivering the product to the buyer, make sure that you meet with the buyer in an open place or location. Never allow the buyer to fix the meet up point in a secret place. It must always be in the open where many persons are.
  • Also, upon meeting with the buyer, if the goods is not in a sound condition as advertised, you have every right to walk away. If the goods to be bought is in the clothing line, endeavor to put it on, to ensure that it’s your correct size before making any payment.
  • Similarly, if the product is a used electronics, please look for a way to taste the product to ensure that its still working perfectly well before you can safely make your payment.
  • And lastly, make sure that the store that you are buying from is not a new store that is less than one year old. Yes, If the store is less than a year old, there is that likelihood that the sellers old account was blocked previously due to some illegal activities. In other words, always buy from sellers with a track record of honesty which was built over the years.

How  To Sell On Facebook  Marketplace

Selling on the marketplace is just similar to selling in a physical store, in that you still have to open a store, have goods or services that you want to sell, and then advertise these goods or services in your store in such as way as to attract buyers. This is exactly how to do it in the marketplace too.

Once you sign into your Facebook account, be it on mobile or desktop, from the top left corner of the screen, you will see the marketplace icon there, click on it to open the marketplace.

Once opened, you will see two buttons, Buy something and Sell something. In this case, you will select the Sell something button.

From the next window that pops up, include the details of the products that you want to sell. The details in this context includes the price you want to sell, the product description, etc. Remember that the location section is auto generated. Hence, if you are not in that location, kindly change it, because Facebook only displays your products to the persons within the area you selected as your location. So be deliberate about it.

Once you have put the details above, click on next to open the next window which i consider one of the most important in selling on Facebook marketplace- the pictures.

On this, you are giving the option to include up to 10 detailed pictures about each of the product that you want to sell on your Facebook store. Make sure you use pictures that are bright and engaging enough, else no body would want to buy from you.

After this step, you can click on the post button to publish your product for the Facebook community to see. Remember that it is only the persons in your local community can see your listed products.

So you see, any interested buyer who sees your products on his or her Facebook feed will message you, seeking to know more. And from there, you start making sells.

Thats how easy it is to set up your Facebook store to begin selling online. If you have any question or you encountered any difficulty following our guide above, kindly leave us a message below. Thanks.

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