How to Unblock Someone On Facebook | Unblocking People On Facebook

This article will explain how to unblock someone on Facebook. If you want to unblock someone on Facebook but don’t know-how, this post is for you. For those who do not know how to go about it the process may seem difficult. However, we will simplify everything for you with these instructions.

The quickest approach to dealing with people on Facebook who are disrupting your peace and breaching your privacy is to swiftly hit the block user button.

We all know how inconvenient it can be to have such people on our friend list, don’t we?

Most of the time, we end up regretting why we pressed the block user button.

When this happens, the only way to get rid of the remorse is to find a means to unblock the blocked friend. However, the majority of people are unsure how to proceed. As a result, the purpose for this article.

Please keep in mind that when you block someone on Facebook, that person will no longer be able to message you, comment on your status updates, or view your news feed. You have absolutely turned him or her off.

However, if you later change your mind and want to give the person another chance by unblocking him or her, simply follow the guidelines below.

How To Unblock A Facebook Friend on a Web Browser

1. If you are not already logged into your Facebook account, you can start by visiting your Facebook account through your web browser.

2. Once you click on the link above, sign in to your Facebook account by putting your email and password in the space provided for them, and click the login button as can be seen below.

3. On your Facebook home page, click on the upper right corner of the front page to see the drop-down menu that follows.

4. Just on that drop-down menu, locate and click on the settings button.

5. Once you click on the Settings button, under the general tab settings, look at the left-hand side of it and click on the blocking category as can be seen below.

6. Clicking on the Blocking category will take you to the Manage blocking page. On this page, you will see the list of friends you have blocked previously. Simply click on the Unblock button next to the person’s name you want to unblock, as can be seen below.

7. Clicking on the unblock button will bring up a confirmation dialogue button and click on the confirm button to finalize the unlocking process of the old friend.

With these steps, the blocked friends or friends will finally be unblocked. Please note that once you unblock someone, it takes some days before you can block that person again. You should make sure that you are certain that you want to unblock them before doing so.

How To Unblock Your Facebook Friend On Facebook Mobile App

On your Facebook mobile app, click on the menu button as can be seen in the pics below.

1. From the drop-down menu, click on the Settings category.

2. Once you click on the Settings category, locate and click on Blocking to see the list of all the people on your Facebook blocked list.

3. From the next window that pops up, you will see all the people on your Facebook blocked list.

4. Click on the Unblock button on the right side of the person’s name you want to unblock. Once you click the unblock button, a dialogue box will pop up. Click on the confirm button to finally unblock the user as can be seen below.

How to Block Someone on Facebook

To block someone from your Facebook  page, follow these steps:

1. In the top right corner of Facebook, click Account.

2. Choose Settings & Privacy, then Settings.

3. On the left side menu, select Blocking.

4. Enter the profile name you want to block in the Block users section and click Block.

5. Select the profile you want to block from the list that appears, then click Block, then Block [name].

Note: If you cannot locate someone using this method, try going to their profile and clicking Block from the More menu at the bottom right of the cover photo.


Privacy Options on Facebook

Instead of blocking Friends on Facebook, you can restrict their accessibility to your profile by adjusting your privacy settings. Make a list of any Friends on Facebook you want to keep out of your Restricted Profile. Select the “Friends” link in the left-hand menu from your main page, then the “Manage Friends Lists” link in the top right-hand corner that appears.

Choose any user from the pop-up window that appears after clicking the “Create A List” option. Select the “Limited Profile” button after typing “Create List” in the category name field. The “Privacy Preferences” button in the “Account” drop-down pop-up menu on any page allows you to change your privacy controls. On the following pages, set your privacy preferences to block specific categories of information from your Limited Profile friend list as required.

You can manage the accessibility of the material you post on Facebook using the privacy options. You can choose to share it with some friends and withhold it from others by adjusting your settings. If your privacy options aren’t sufficient, you can utilise the Changeable Block tool to completely block access to your data. It is easy to restore blocked Facebook friends if enough requirements are satisfied.

So you see, the steps to unblock someone on Facebook are easy and straightforward. If you have followed our guide carefully, you should not have any issues with unblocking those friends.

Got any questions? Feel free to use the comment box below.

Thanks for reading through.


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