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Facebook Marketplace is an online marketplace launched by Facebook. Facebook since the day it was founded has been a platform that connects people with their loved ones, friends, and families.

Over the years, Facebook has grown to be not just a platform where people connect with friends and families, but also meet potential buyers and sellers.

This has been happening through various Facebook buy and sell groups. If you are an active user on Facebook, then you must have in one way or the other joined any of those buy and sell groups.

Sellers make huge sales from these groups. The problem, however, is these groups are not well organized as they are owned and managed by the individual Facebook user.

In resolving this issue, Facebook launched its Marketplace on  Oct. 3, 2016. The goal is to simplify the buying and selling process so that people can sell and buy items withing their locality online.

Who can use Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook marketplace isn’t available to every user. A lot of Facebook users have been complaining that they can’t access the Marketplace.

If you don’t find the Marketplace icon when you open your Facebook app or website, it means you may not have the privilege to use the Facebook Marketplace.

Who then can use the Facebook Marketplace? Let’s find out.

To use the Marketplace on Facebook,

You must be 18 years or older: You cannot use Marketplace on Facebook if you are below 18.

Your Facebook language must be set to one of the following: Marketplace on Facebook only supports a few languages.

If your Facebook is not set in any of these languages, you may not be able to use the Marketplace. The languages are:

Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnis, French and French Canadian, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian (Bahasa), Italian, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish

You must not be new to Facebook: If you newly joined Facebook, you may not be able to use the Marketplace.

You must use the latest version of the Facebook app: You cannot use Marketplace if you are using older versions of the Facebook app, or on iPhone models older than the iPhone 5.

If you live in (or recently travelled to) a location where Marketplace is not supported, you won’t be able to use Marketplace.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

If you have not been using the Facebook Marketplace, you are missing potential customers and losing out on sales.

There are over 500 million active Facebook users. Imagine the sales you will have when you start showcasing your products and services to the millions of Facebook users in your locality that might be interested.

When you sell your products on Marketplace, you allow your products to be listed publicly, hence, can be anyone in News Feed, search and other places on or off Facebook.

Now, let me quickly show you how you can maximise this opportunity and sell your products on Facebook Marketplace.

To sell things on Marketplace:

Go to Facebook.com and click the Marketplace icon located in the left menu.

Next, click + Sell Something, then click Item for Sale.

Enter a title, price, location, and category for the item you are listing. You can also add a description.

If the item is free, enter 0 as the price.

Next, click + 10 Photos to upload a photo of your product from your computer.

After that, click Post to post your item.

Tips for Sellers

Before you start to sell your products on the Marketplace, consider these tips for sellers.

1. to use a photo that clearly shows the product and its condition.

2. Be detailed about the item description and its condition. Describe any stains or tears available.

3. If you’re selling used clothing or shoes, ensure they’re as clean as possible.

4. If you’re selling personal hygiene items, ensure they are brand-new, and they are in the original, sealed packaging.

5. Don’t be too excited to meet a buyer for your product without first agreeing on the price and location to meet.

6. Let the buyer look over the products, to make sure it’s what they want before you accept payment.

7. If for any reason you are unable to meet the buyer at the time you both agreed on, message them and try to reschedule another time.

How to Buy on Facebook Marketplace

Buying on Facebook Marketplace is very easy. There are thousands of products listed on Marketplace that you can easily find online for your locality.

Let me quickly show you how to buy something on Facebook Marketplace.

To buy things from the Marketplace:

First, go to facebook.com, and click on the Marketplace icon located in the top left.

Next, click on the item you want to buy and message the seller. This you can do in 2 ways.

Click Message to send a custom message to the seller.

Click Send to send a message that says “Is this available?”

You can see the item you want to buy and your conversations with the seller by clicking Buying in the top left of the Marketplace.

Tips for Buyers

Before you start buying things on Facebook Marketplace, here are a few tips for you.

1. Sellers receive many messages from potential customers. Hence, they may not reply to your messages on time.

2. Be sure the product is in good condition before meeting the seller. Also, agree with the seller as to the price and location of your meeting.

3. When you meet with the seller, don’t be in a hurry to pay for it. Be sure to scrutinize the products.

Inform the seller on time if you can’t meet with him/her on the agreed date and time.

Upload high-resolution photos to show prospective buyers precisely what they’re buying.

The importance of a good image cannot be overstated. For a Hunger Games Disc, you may get away with no visual, but no one will pay top dollar for a picnic table they’ve never even seen.

Click ‘Add photos’ and ‘Add photo album’ when making a listing, and add the pictures you desire. Copy / paste the permalink to the group after making the album accessible.

You take images as a component of the listing procedure on Facebook Marketplace.

Most modern phones can take a photo that is excellent enough to post.

First and foremost, safety! Just be cautious.

Although incidents are uncommon, exercise caution. Listen to your instincts and move away if somebody’s message or profile appears to be dubious.

Carry out the trade-in a crowded public area, such as out front of the local police department, for furniture pieces.

If they have to come to your house, attempt to complete the transaction on the doorway — don’t feel obligated to let them in. Make absolutely sure there is somebody in the apartment when the taker arrives.

Make sure you always have a cell phone with you, hide any valuables, and keep collectors to a small area if you let them in.

To prevent being duped, deal with cash.

Always request payment in cash instead of direct deposit, check, or PayPal. If someone has access to your bank account numbers, they are more likely to commit forgery against you. There are no assurances that checks will clear.

One popular ruse is for criminals to ask whether they can pay via PayPal. They then send persuasive emails claiming that your accounts have received the money, allegedly from PayPal. Fraudsters frequently request that you transmit the item as fast as possible, stating that it is a wedding present, for example.

Another PayPal scam involves unethical purchasers taking your items and then filing a ‘refund request,’ in which they say the payment was unapproved and the card issuer refunds a previously approved transaction.

Similarly, don’t be persuaded to make a cash deposit when making a purchase on Facebook. Run screaming if anybody asks you to pay with Moneygram or similar type of fast payment system.

Facebook Marketplace FAQ

What are the Facebook Marketplace rules?

The Rules of the Facebook Marketplace Some products are prohibited from being sold on the platform. Facebook keeps track of what can and can’t be sold on Marketplace. You’ll need to sell a physical product. Everything about the product has to line up with the picture. You are not permitted to use before-and-after photos.

Why hasn’t my Facebook Marketplace listing been approved?

If product ads on the Facebook marketplace breach commerce policies, they might not be accepted. Even if your listing is disallowed, you can still list the products. You can review the alert/warning that accompanies the product rejection report.

What can’t you sell on the Facebook Marketplace?

What kind of things are prohibited from being sold on Facebook Marketplace? Adult-oriented goods and services. Alcohol. Animals. Electronic equipment and digital media. Tickets for a special event. Gift Vouchers. medical supplies (thermometers, first-aid kits, etc) Illicit, prescription, and recreational drugs are all available.

What is the process of gaining access to the Marketplace?

To add or remove a city from your Facebook page, go to the About section of your profile and click on the plus symbol. Create a new Facebook account every day, comment on other people’s posts, and add friends. The Marketplace feature can be accessible if Facebook determines that your account is genuine and not a counterfeit created to sell things.

What happens if your Facebook Marketplace account is flagged?

You can launch a complaint against a seller or item if you believe it breaches our Commerce Policies: Please remember that if a merchant violates Facebook’s Commerce Policies, we may suspend or ban them. Buyers who submit false claims face the repercussions specified in our Purchase Protection Policy.

Is it a good idea to put your phone number on the Facebook Marketplace?

Keep personal data private. To sell something via Facebook marketplace, you don’t have to give out your contact information. Before you share it, ensure sure you know who you’re chatting with. Never include your phone number in a post on facebook.

That’s all for Facebook Marketplace.

I am sure you can now sell your items and buy items on the Facebook Marketplace.

What do you think about the Facebook marketplace? Do you think it will become the largest online marketplace in the world?

I’d like to hear your view through the comment below. Best of luck as you buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace.

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