Pinterest login with facebook

Pinterest is one of the popular and top social sites, even though it is not as possible as Facebook.

One unique feature that separates Pinterest from other social network sites is that it helps users to visually share images and videos to their boards and discover new interest from other users’ posts and boards.

With Pinterest, users can comment, like and re-pin their friend’s contents. You also have the ability to share pins on Facebook, Twitter and Email.

All these amazing things I just mentioned can be done right from your Pinterest account. However, you will have to login before you can gain access to them. Pinterest login is not a difficult process. There are many ways you can log into your Pinterest account.

You can log in Pinterest with Facebook, with your Google account, and with an email account. We will explore all these methods, with a specific focus on Pinterest login with Facebook.

Before we discuss Pinterest login with Facebook, let’s look at how to create Pinterest Account

How to Create a Pinterest Account on a Web Browser

  1. Go to Pinterest
  2. Sign Up – sign up with either your Facebook or Email that can link you to your Pinterest account. You can also use your google account.
  3. Create your Profile. Do this by creating a username and password.
  4. Create New Boards. Next, you will need to create a new board before you start pinning.
  5. Add pins –  Finally, you can now use the “Pin it” button to add pin on your board.

How to Create a Pinterest on a mobile phone

  • Open the Pinterest app
  • Tap  “Sign up with email. You may tap continue on Facebook and use your Facebook account to log in
  • Type in your email address
  • Tap the “ Next” button
  • Type in a password
  • Tap the “Next” button
  • Then, enter your name and tap on the ‘Next’ button
  • Next, enter your age and next to your gender
  • Then, tap on the “Done” button
  • Select at least 5 topics and type on the ‘Next’ button. Pinterest will begin to building your profile based on your selected interest.

Pinterest Login on Android

To log in to a Pinterest account kindly follow the steps given below:

  • Open Pinterest app
  • Type your email address into the box
  • Click on the “Continue “ button
  • Enter your Pinterest password
  • Tap the “Log In” button. You are now signed in to your Pinterest account

Pinterest Login with Facebook

  • Open Pinterest
  • Tap “Continue with Facebook” button
  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Tap “ Continue” button

Pinterest Login with Google Account

  • Open Pinterest
  • Tap “Continue with Google”
  • Select a Google account
  • Tap ‘Allow’ button

Pinterest Login With Email Only

  • Open Pinterest with the URL
  • Tap on “Already a member? Log in”. you might just find “Log in”. it does not matter, just tap on it.
  • Enter the email address you used n creating the account and your password.

Once you tap on login you would be logged in t your new Pinterest account.

I hope this article on Pinterest login with Facebook helps? You can also see how to login Instagram with Facebook

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