Facebook Countdown clock – Facebook Timer Counting Down

Ever heard about Facebook countdown clock before? Chances are that you may not have heard of it before. Anyways, in this article, I will introduce you to this amazing feature on Facebook that is called the Facebook countdown clock and how to make the most of it. Whenever you are ready, lets begin.

By this time, you must have desired to know the function of this Facebook countdown clock right? If yes, know that such question is one in the right direction. Well, Facebook countdown clock is used to display the time left for a particular program or even to start.

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Assuming you have a birthday party coming up in the next 7 days, putting up the countdown feature will display a beautiful clock which will be counting down to the day of the actual event. Sounds interesting right? You may want to learn how to set it up, in order to bring more life to your upcoming event.

However, unlike other Facebook features which comes up as an integral part of the system, the countdown clock is an application you need to install from the Facebook App Store, before integrating it into your Facebook page or wall where it will perform the countdown function.

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How To Install The Facebook Countdown App

Before you can use the Facebook countdown feature, you must install the app that will perform the function. To do that, simply follow this steps below to install the countdown app quickly before the setup.

  • Visit www.facebook.com with your phones or computers browser.
  • Once opened, input your login details to log into your Facebook account
  • Click on this link to go to the site where you can download the countdown app.
  • On the site, looking at the left hand side, you will see a category that says Add To My Page, click on it.
  • After this, click on the Want to use app on page and then later click on the close button to close the page.
  • Next, click on the go to app which is located at the top of the page you are in.
  • Give the app assess into your Facebook wall by clicking on the allow button. With this, the Facebook countdown app will be installed on your Facebook,

Now the next step will be to activate the installed app, and subsequently configure it.

How To Create A Countdown Clock On Facebook

Haven installed the countdown application, follow the processes below to activate it and consequently use it on your site.

  • At the top side of the app that you just installed, look for the event tab and click on it.
  • type the events name that you want to apply the Facebook countdown to. It could be birthday, wedding, party etc
  • On the location section, chose your timezone
  • Specify the time and date that the chosen event will take place. That will give the countdown clock wht to focus on.
  • On the preset menu, customize the color in which you want to give to your countdown clock
  • If you want to see how the countdown clock will look like on your page when you publish it, click on the wall post preview.
  • Specify where the countdown will be posted. Example on your wall or in specific pages that you belong to using the Post To tab
  • After this, you will see the preview and share button, click on it to continue.
  • Lastly, you can include the message that you want to be displayed along the countdown, after which you click on the share button to share your countdown clock to the specific page or wall you have previously specified.

Great! your Facebook countdown is finally set up. Hope this article helped you alot in fixing this issue? If you encountered any kind of issue, please leave a comment below and we shall respond as soon as practicable.

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